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hiiguy camera strap

One of the best feelings in this world is when you actually full fill your greatest dream in life. In that case, for me, is having a digital camera. Might sounds petty to you, but I guess we all have that unexplainable happiness to one thing or what we do. Mine is having a passion for taking photos, so I opted to buy a mid-class camera.

I love going out on a trip with friends, to name a few; swimming, mountain hiking, biking, even just a simple morning work in a park. So I purchase Canon D1300; it’s a good catch for beginners like me. It comes with a strap, lens and manual guide. Since then I always bring my camera with me whenever I go out. But mainly my concern is the strap. I find it uneasy swaying, back and forth, whether I wore it around my neck or side crossbody. Although it’s good enough to get you started, as you grow as a photographer you need to upgrade your gear. It doesn’t feel comfy at all, especially wearing it around your neck under the heat of the sun. It feels sweaty all throughout the day and kept on banging on my side every time I move.



There was an instance, it was daytime and I saw a beautiful bug resting in a flower that catches my attention, in an instant I grab my camera then bend over a little closer to the ground to take a photo of that. Without knowing that the strap was not properly attached to the camera, it accidentally slipped from my hand and fall off the ground. It scared me a second! Luckily no scratches at all!

And that came across to my mind, I needed a safer strap. So I ask some of my colleagues which camera strap they prefer. Honestly speaking they’re not good advisers! Haha! So I decided to take my own research. After scouring the internet, I found this HiiGuy camera strap in at

They are online establishing business. As I look through their profile,, I found out that the owner is apparently like me. Basically loves to go off road activities. As I was saying, I read about lots of feedbacks and reviews about it. Surprisingly it was good base on the product performance. But as a newbie online shopper, usually hesitations are hard to deal with.  Despite of praises, still there are few comments I read somewhere that they ordered this and the colors and sizes are not accurate based on the product description. .blah blah blah! You know what I mean! However I watched one of the reviews video from Youtube, which helps me decide to



 And I did! I ordered one HiiGuy Camera Strap, (by the way the shipping period may vary depending on where you are) I was pumped to receive my very first strap. The packaging itself is well thought out and it’s an experience for me just unwrapping it. I couldn’t impart how I felt. I’m in love with it! It comes with adjustable Strap made of top quality materials that fit to all cameras like Canon or Nikon. It can carry heavy weight cameras and good for tall people. You can adjust it up to 35 inches. It is strong and durable that can hold your camera securely. I thought it was going to give me shoulder and back pain but surprisingly hasn’t. Includes adjustable Safe wire and safety tether leaves you worry-free.  Screw Neck Mount gives assurance that will hold for as long as it could. Make sure it is attached properly to your camera. Micro Fiber Cloth is a soft fabric ideally for cleaning your lens makes it scratch free and neat all the time.SD Case for extra memory card storage and 3 Years Warranty makes it far unusual from others that will offer an only 3-year warranty. You know what’s the best part of it? Is their free eBook for 199 Tips and Tricks DSLR PHOTOGRAPHY usually you can get this for 49 US Dollar on a regular basis but fortunately I got this for FREE. I think it’s their strategy to get sales which absolutely works!